Hi everyone 👋, I'm Thösam

I am a software engineer, creator and student living in Switzerland.

On this website, you can find useful resources on topics like : coding, study, life, guitar, books, ... Feel free to check out my Blog if you like reading, otherwise you can check my Projects I have been working on. Or learn more about me.

About Me

Hi everyone 👋, I'm Thösam Norlha-Tsang. I go to EPFL where I study computer science. My personal website is where I showcase my projects, writing, statistics, experience, and more. Feel free to reach out via email or any social media. or subscribe to my newsletter !

Featured Projects




Java Spring

TalkZone - for university students

Coded a social network application (with a friend) for our own and neighboring universities. Allowing students to express themselves about courses and campus life. Frontend coded in VueJS and backend in Java Spring.






Connect Out is a social activity platform that enables users to join and discover new activities based on their interests. It fosters social interaction and community engagement, making it easier to meet like-minded people and discover new hobbies.



Data Science


Bandits Algorithms For Recommendation Systems

Bachelor/research project in the field of recommendation systems.





Water Simulation

A project coded from scratch for our Introduction to Computer Graphics class that simulates water using ThreeJS.

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